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Hey Guys!

2009-02-02 13:39:58 by Z-Tone

Hotplurplegnome here
this is my new account for the other name wasn't yeah....that cool
so here ill be posting more of a newgrounds based stuff
and to open it up im posting the first
i think ill be doing this for a while and you wont see as much of my other music here
if you want that though gladly check my myspace
its remove spaces
an yeah a banner and logos will be up soon so im looking forward to your reviews and comments
Z-Tone"formerly know as Hotplurplegnome" out


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2009-03-16 21:16:24

you can remove the "remove spaces" part. it's not needed; it automatically links urls.

anyway, great job! i can't wait to hear more music!

Z-Tone responds:

haha yeah i figured that out afterwards
and thanks man


2009-04-23 02:01:06

Hey man you mind if I put electro market in a new grounds mash up I'm doing today?

Z-Tone responds:

sure thing


2009-04-23 02:12:20

Do you mind if I use NR13 throughout my mix as well?

Z-Tone responds:

no problem dude do as you please


2009-07-06 13:30:05

Hey man, what software do you use? I really, really love the sound of your Hardstyle Re-Mix Collection. The mastering is just awesome. Could you give me a couple tips? I really love the genre, but I can't achieve a sound like that.

Awesome work though, really awesome. Please do post the rest as you make them :D


2009-07-10 04:01:47


Oh, and your music's good too :D


2009-07-14 17:30:19

I officially love you for editing the paragonx9 song. Just sayin.

Z-Tone responds:

thanks alot mate:D