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Entry #2

So im thinking

2009-07-15 15:04:00 by Z-Tone

2 subjects that are bothering me.....
im trying to start the Second part of the "NGHSRC" but i cant find the songs im going to use....
other thing im gonna remix these 2 songs

Foo fighters - Times like these(acoustic version)


Madonna - Frozen
the problem is wich should i begin with...

also .....
yeah i know
my PS skills are godlike (i wish i had any)
so thats that....
gonna be reaaal active in the next few weeks

So im thinking


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2009-07-21 23:00:19

Yay, I don't know... either of those songs XD. I DO like the logo though. Kept it nice and simple but you also gave it GLOW. I mean come on! It's freakin GLOW. You absolutely cannot dis glow. Alright back on topic XD, can't wait for the songs, you can kick out some good stuff, you might want to tweak your EQ a bit though on some of em. EQ is godly, it can turn a piece of shit into a piece of gold, so just imagine what it can turn a piece of gold into.

P.S. Good job at getting a sideshot of breasts in there XD. It took me four times of looking at it to notice XD.


2009-07-31 11:29:04

haha you look like your out of it xD
probably cause your drunk :P


2009-08-18 07:22:06

Lol, there's already a remix of Times like These by Albin Myers, not that it matters, but you should get started on that one :P


2009-09-25 06:52:23

Don't forget my personal request! =D


2009-09-30 17:54:45

I'm sorry.


2009-10-01 10:30:29

Could check out some of my songs